Understanding Phototherapeutic QBM Garment (QBM Yellow)

  1. Vascular lesions and Pigmented lesions of skin are clinical treated successfully with 577 nm[i] and 510 nm[ii] lights. Current photo therapy treatment for these lesions are usually with laser and intense pulse light (IPL) technologies, which are very limited in the area of application.
  2. Typical IPL procedure requires 20-28J/cm2 of photonic energy of specified wavelength (say 560nm-590nm), which is same amount of energy emitted by the sun for 60min to 85min.
  3. Clinical trial has shown the following skin quality improvements[iii]:


Skin Concern Degree of Improvement
Brown Discoloration 16.3%
Red Discoloration 8.4%
Pore Size 3.8%
Skin Texture and fine lines 2.0%
Overall Skin Improvement 21.5%


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Full Arm - Candidate #1

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    1. For Specialist:
      1. This garment has a UF50+ rating, suitable for hyper-sensitive skin, especially post laser or IPL treatment.
      2. The photo-therapeutic effects of this line can be used as part of cocktail treatment to improve skin conditions
      3. The Yellow phototherapeutic garment has a 30 wash cycle lifespan, allowing full controlled wavelength to contact with skin without worrying about energy issues.
    2. For Consumer:
      1. The phototherapeutic QBM garment is the most natural way to enjoy phototherapy by only allowing the beneficial rays (the same rays used in IPL) of the sun to make contact with the skin allowing whitening and collagen simulating effects.
      2. This product is a UP50+ product, blocking both UVA and UVB, where only a very few luxury beauty product can match its ability to protect the skin tone.
      3. QBM Yellow combines the element of outdoor and beauty. Users can achieve better, whiter, more brilliant skin while enjoying the sun.







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[iii]Mulholland, R.S.Skin Rejuvenation using selective amplification of the sunlight’s spectrum with Fluorescent Therapeutic Material (FTM): A Novel approach to photo-rejuvenation.